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Clarify + Prioritize Your Passion in 2022

Last week, Kimi shared with me a book she has been reading- well, more of a concept from a book she is reading. Thus concept sparked my interest, especially as we head into 2022, which is starting to feel like a fresh start after a realllllyyyyy long 2 years.

As moms, we can easily get caught up in all the things we love to do, like to do, need to do and how to successfully fit all of this into our lives. Unfortunately, the reality is we just cannot do it ALL and give each and every interest or passion the attention it deserves.

This is what lead to Kimi sharing this idea with me - this exercise. We were looking ahead and planning 2022 and there is SO much goodness we wanted to bring to our village, really getting to the nitty gritty of what we want to do for our mamas and what the reality is of our strengths and limitations. This exercise that I'm about to share with you has helped us become hyper focused on the why, what, and how we are going to serve our mamas well in 2022, and how you can use it to laser focus your life.

Tanya Dalton shares this activity in her book "On Purpose", and it can bring so much clarity to our mama brains that want to tackle the world but don't know where to start. You can dive more into each topic and the details of why this is so important by grabbing a copy of her book here, but for now we are going to skim the surface of the activity to help give you a jump start into 2022.

  1. Grab a piece of paper and make a list of ALL the things you are passionate about. Don’t limit your list, empty your brain of all the things you love and want to spend time on this coming year.

  2. Now using that same list, what are your superpowers, your natural God given abilities that just come easy to you? On a scale of 1-10 rate each thing you are passionate about in relation to your personal super powers.

  3. Next, impact. How impactful are these things you are passionate about? How much do they impact those around you? Don’t doubt your ability to impact your community, IRL and online! Now rate the things you are passionate about, in relation to the impact they have from a scale of 1-10 in a new column.

  4. Excitement! How excited do these things that you say you are passionate make you? Get real here, what brings you life in the best ways. One last column, rate your passions on a scale of 1-10 based on how excited they make you.

  5. The Finale, let’s add them up. Add up all three numbers for each passion you wrote down. List that final number next to that passion. And tada, clarity. THIS is where you should be spending your time in 2022. What are your highest scoring numbers? Hopefully you can identify 3-4 top passions that align in your super powers, impact and excitement to narrow down your focus this coming year.

Don’t be afraid to go back over your list and your numbers - but only to get more honest with yourself a second time through. Maybe the first time through you didn’t rate everything truthfully because you now have a fuller picture of what this looks like in action. Once you do this activity, tell us in the comments what your top 3 are for 2022. We can’t wait to see you pour your passions into the world this year. We believe moms have the power to change the world, and it can start with you!

To dig deeper in to these ideas, and learn more about living On Purpose, check out Tanya Daltons book, podcast, and more here.