Newly Postpartum?

Are you newly postpartum and looking to get some more movement back in your routine?? At FIT4MOM Fishhawk, our Stroller Strides class is stroller fitness designed just for you! Working out is about finding space again in your day that is focused on you, and Stroller Strides provides that - while engaging with your new babe and other mamas who get #momlife.

We encourage newly postpartum mamas to start slowly and listen to her body. Our FIT4MOM classes are always a safe space free of judgment. This experience is yours and yours alone! Every single pregnancy and birth is different and everyone's body will heal and recover a little bit differently. Everyone needs time to heal and everyone should start out slowly. We encourage mamas to start back at a lower intensity, duration, and frequency. At FIT4MOM, we celebrate and honor this.

Enjoy this stage of motherhood. It's hard to remember, at times, when you are in the trenches, but, the time is fleeting - we know, how cliche - but its true! Your baby will never be a newborn again! Getting back into shape will come.

Come try a free week with us, mama, we have a spot just for you!