United in Motherhood

Words fall short, but saying nothing often feels like silence. I don't want to be silent. I want you to know that we stand with you. I won't pretend to understand what it feels like to be directly impacted by the current events in our country, I have felt paralyzed in fear to say much. What if I say the wrong thing, what if I don't say enough, but I have decided we have to start somewhere.

As FIT4MOM Fishhawk, we stand together as mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, friends, neighbors and humans. We see you. We grieve with you. And we will fight for change with you. You are valued. You are beautiful. And if you’re a mom, you are the absolute strongest among us.

As a community, we mourn with you regarding the current climate in our country. As a company that stands for love and inclusivity, it is important to all of us a that we use our platforms, and our network of franchise owners and instructors nationwide, to speak up and most importantly take action.

We are about being inclusive, providing a safe space for all moms, and about raising kind humans, together. We strive to be place of resource through motherhood- all stages, races, colors and backgrounds. Our priority is to be united through motherhood.

This is a complicated topic, but it is one that is important to address, not just today or this week, but an ongoing conversation into real change ahead.

We will be sharing resources that may be helpful to our moms, and I need your help. Especially those who are facing this head on and know more than I ever will. I invite you, to please join me in this conversation. I will be sharing these resources here on our blog, updating it as needed, to reach as many moms as we can, and create the ripple effect that we know only FIT4MOM does. It starts with education and honest conversations first. This is a safe place for that. Feel free to share this appropriately.

I want to put my hand on your shoulder and be a better ally... and am slowly learning how. There is so much to learn. This is not about me, its about the voices that need ours now to amplify the message. This is about marching forward to do better, together, #unitedthroughmotherhood, we can create the change we want for our families future.

Some immediate resources to start these conversations: