While we totally understand your eagerness to get back to a workout routine, start moving your body again, and get out of the house (and we cannot wait to have you also!), your safety is our top priority.

It is important to give your body grace, time to heal and rest, it is actually crucial the first several weeks after delivery. The structural and hormonal changes that have happened during your pregnancy don't disappear as soon as baby is delivered, and overdoing it after pregnancy can create urine or feces leakages, pelvis discomfort, joint pain and injury.

During pregnancy our body produces a hormone called relaxin, it softens our ligaments for baby. This may be why your joints feel looser during and after pregnancy, and its important to be mindful of our body returning to its previous hormonal state.

Depending on your delivery, and doctors opinion, the exact time frame varies mom to mom, and there is no set time frame on what can look like. What sets FIT4MOM apart from other group workout options is your safety and long term success is our number one priority, and we can work with you to determine when is the right time.

When you join us for class for the first time post baby, we encourage you to let your body lead you most. Our goal is that you leave feeling successful and energized. Inform your instructor of how things are feeling, speak up when you would prefer a different option that is better for where you body is each day. Feel confident that we are trained specifically for moms, and we want to help you each step of the way.

Great options to get moving again:

- walking

- body weight exercises

- pelvic tilt exercises

- belly breathing

Here are some do's and don'ts of exercising while you're breastfeeding:

  • Do drink plenty of water
  • Do wear a supportive bra that fits properly (not too tight, but not too loose)
  • Do gradually increase your activity level
  • Don't exercise with full breasts (breastfeed or pump before a workout)
  • Don't overdo it — stress and fatigue can reduce your breast milk and increase your risk of a breast infection

When you are ready to join us, or want to start the conversation with us to find the right time, you can let us know here!